Premium Laptop/Office Bag
3,850.00 ৳ 3850.0 BDT 5,500.00 ৳ (30% OFF)
• Bag
• Pure Leather Office/Laptop Bags Everyday people go out for different purposes and carry something with them. To carry essential belongings needs a bag that helps minimize hassle. Bags can be small and can be large. Choice is yours which size fits you well. Choose your trendy one!
Pure Leather Back Pack
4,095.00 ৳ 4095.0 BDT 5,850.00 ৳ (30% OFF)
Pure Leather Backpack
4,095.00 ৳ 4095.0 BDT 5,850.00 ৳ (30% OFF)
Pure Leather and Export Quality Backpack for both men or women.
Pure Leather Tab Bags
3,150.00 ৳ 3150.0 BDT 4,500.00 ৳ (30% OFF)
Pure Leather Office/Stylish Tab Bags For Men.
Material: This small hiking Tab Bags is made of water and Tear Resistant Nylon; UKX Buckle. Outer Padded shoulder strap: prefect for short Trips or hiking and daily use.
Characteristic: anti-shock foam, anti-cut, water repellent,a super lightweight midium pack for kids,men or women.
Feature Design: Two main compartment; Adjustable thicken padded shoulder straps. Three zippers,multiple compartments to make your stuff more regular.
OCCASION: Daily walk-around, day trips, vacation, travel, day hikes, school, camping, carry-on for your excess baggage.
Fits books,phone,one day's clothing,ipad,bottle and other small things you want to store,you can categorise your little pieces stuff so it is easy to find them.
Pure Leather bagpack
3,899.00 ৳ 3899.0 BDT 3,899.00 ৳
This is a vary good quality bag so you can buy now our shops.
Pure Leather travel bags for men
4,500.00 ৳ 4500.0 BDT 5,999.00 ৳ (25% OFF)
Pure Leather travel bags for men 100% genuine leather
Front side big chain pocket
1 site to pocket
Flexibility and lightweight
Size:30*17 inches
order this bag and comfort Journey.
Pure Leather office laptops bag
3,850.00 ৳ 3850.0 BDT 5,500.00 ৳ (30% OFF)
Pure Leather laptop bags For men.
Product details of Leather Office Bag for Men, cow leather office bag, laptop bag, massagener bag, business bag, Briefcase. Black colour office bag.
Product Type: Office Bag
Main Material: Leather
Standard and smart design
Comfortable useable
Fashionable and trendy
Flexible and inconvenient
Color : Chocolate and black
Cow leather
Gender :MEN'S
Pure cow Leather committed with quality and economic friendly frodiets producer and supplier like leather gents and leadis bag, money bag, office bag, laptop bag, travel bag, leadis purss, Ladies bag, messenger bag, belt, key ring, garmments accessories corporate gift items. We are providing 100%genuine leather currently.Leather exporting bangladeshi leather goods and foot wear from Bangladesh to London, Canada, France, Italy, Germany.
Pure Cow Leather Cross bag
2,150.00 ৳ 2150.0 BDT 2,150.00 ৳
Pure Cow Leather design Cross bag
1,650.00 ৳ 1650.0 BDT 2,000.00 ৳ (18% OFF)
Pure Leather Laptop Bag
2,850.00 ৳ 2850.0 BDT 2,850.00 ৳
Pure cow leather Laptop for for 15''. laptop and office file accessible bag. export and long lusting durable.
Pure Leather Ladies Bag
3,650.00 ৳ 3650.0 BDT 4,000.00 ৳ (9% OFF)
Pure Leather 100% Export Cow Leather Full Size Bag for Women. Stylish and Fashionable and all weather Usable.
Pure Cow Leather Traditional Ladies Bag lagssb
3,074.00 ৳ 3074.0 BDT 4,099.00 ৳ (25% OFF)
Pure Leather Office Formal bag, 100% Export and accessible for laptop Files And Documents.
Pure Lather Ladies Fashionable Large Bag Sb
3,744.00 ৳ 3744.0 BDT 4,680.00 ৳ (20% OFF)
Pure Leather 100% Export Cow Leather Full Size Bag for Women. Stylish and Fashionable and all weather Usable.
Pure Leather Designed Ladies Bag
4,392.00 ৳ 4392.0 BDT 5,490.00 ৳ (20% OFF)
Pure Leather Fashionable Stylish and Crafted Design Ladies bag. Premium and Export for all time.
4,640.00 ৳ 4640.0 BDT 5,800.00 ৳ (20% OFF)
Up kore den, Cow leather and Superbly finished including 1 year colour warranty.
Classic Ladies Bag
3,185.00 ৳ 3185.0 BDT 4,550.00 ৳ (30% OFF)
Classic Ladies bag for classy people, made with genuine leather combined colors . 3 years warranty order now
Casual Ladies bag
3,080.00 ৳ 3080.0 BDT 3,850.00 ৳ (20% OFF)
A new arrival ladies bag has great quality of leather well fitted guarantee the durability, reveals the status of its user grab it now, hurry!!!